Casey Neistat snowboarding behind a drone

YouTube superstar, Casey Neistat has taken his annual Christmas video to the next level with his Human Flying Drone video, seen below. The video features the New York-based filmmaker Casey Neistat snowboarding using a massive drone to pull him along to start but soon he takes flight and is shown soaring above the ground while attached to the drone. With a current subscriber pool of over 6 million and his last viral hit (The $21,000 First Class Airplane Seat) receiving over 28 million views, this year’s video is sure to be in all your social media feeds this festive season.

Although posted on his person channel, the snowboarding human-carrying drone spectacle was sponsored by longtime supporters of Neistat’s, Samsung.

The behind the scenes was posted on Neistat’s long-time friend Jesse Wellens’ PrankvdPrank channel and is definitely worth taking a look at. A similar arrangement was hatched with the duos Epic Silver Surfer Halloween Costume NYC video that was published on Jesse’s channel, while the behind the scenes was posted on Casey’s.

Casey Neistat Snowboarding NYC

Casey Neistat snowboarding at Christmas looks to be becoming an annual global spectacle with his 2015, Snowboarding with the NYPD video starting the trend. Last year’s video received over 15.6 million views and saw the YouTuber snowboarding behind a Jeep through the streets of New York city. All we can say is, what’s next?

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