Better Call Saul: Season 3, Episode 6 Free Write Response

Following you will find a free-write response to Better Call Saul season 3, episode 6. I had intended to do a more formal write up of this. And I will do something of the sort in the future for this program, but I thought that this linear, textual representation of my mind during the episode might also interest some. It’s been cleaned a bit for easy reading, but the overall freewrite is in tact. Cheers.
Freewrite Response to EP6S3

So these are like opening statements? And they can say whatever?

Slow… Okay, so ex-wife is breaking in the house?
She is worried about him; would she break down the door? It’s strange; you kind of expect it.

Saint Jimmy, the patron saint of? Well… Jimmies.
Nice feet, kind of surprisingly sexy.

Jimmy Feels his debt is paid. Or if not paid, erased because of Chuck’s behavior.
Jimmy as a figure of the negatives associated with rhetoric.
Finally gets to the point with Ehrmantraut.  A grief class? I forget the guilt he has toward his son’s death–he was crooked, son was a cop; he advised him to be crooked? But still backfired and he was killed. But Ehrmantraut killed them and fled? I don’t remember.

Would Chuck try to get Jimmy to screw up while on suspension?
Good toast.

So what’s crazy Chuck doing squeezing those batteries? Were the batteries dead? If so why would they hurt him? If they were live, why change them? Maybe he is doing some strengthening exercise to rehabilitate himself.

Does Jimmy sound more like a dick now?

But it does start to feel like he is trying. It is a strange mix in his character.

If he would go to all the trouble of turning to that page in the Rolodex, why not also pick up the phone? Doesn’t make sense.

“The day I don’t show up with my half”–great line.

Doesn’t this take place in the 2000s? Cinematically it throws back farther than that, which is kind of interesting anyway.

What’s the machine? I don’t remember the significance of those images from the first show, other than recognizing them. That back-room cookery, I guess.

I don’t remember the real-estate agent.

Chuck’s pain is a bit horrifying, the eyes, maybe? Before he leaves all tinfoil man. Geez tinfoil man wth. All the sound is pretty great in this scene. Him at the payphone with all of the buzzing and distorted electrical whines.

Didn’t know he was so sick. And I thought the … Wtf kind of pill could have that effect? Nitro tablets?

Ahh–Saul Goodman productions.


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