Wireless VR: The Future of Gaming?

Will Wireless VR be the future of virtual reality gaming?

PC gamers can rejoice knowing that wireless VR is on the very near horizon, and it could change the entire scape of virtual reality gaming as we know it.

Virtual reality keeps on moving forward with new advancements and this one could be huge.

One of the biggest disconnects for virtual reality games is knowing that your entire experience is tethered to your machine. There’s always a limit to where you can go or how you can move, impeding play while tearing away the immersion factor VR gamers chase.

This problem will soon be addressed as consumers catch up to where technology has grown, namely to Li-Fi, utilizing LED light instead of radio waves like Wi-Fi. With the projected 2018 market for Li-Fi being $6 billion a year, it’s a pretty big deal. It isn’t just the market that’s exciting about the Li-Fi, however.

The technology will allow for incredibly low latency connections to support an entirely wireless VR headset. This means no more immersion breaks, no more limited movement, and exciting new design space for VR games in the future.

We might not even have to wait too long for the technology to reach shelves in its first form. Probably the first company to get their attempt in the hands of customers will be HTC in its new partnership with Intel. We should see a limited scale release of a new product early this year.

The companies are aiming to rid one of the VIVE’s most talked about flaws, the cord hanging from the back. Limitations like this aren’t what gamers came to VR in the first place for, and it’s starting to show.

In the early days wireless pc VR headsets prices will likely reflect the number of available competition, meaning to get in early might hurt your bottom line. If budget is a significant concern it will just be best to wait for a few more options to hit the market stabilizing prices and supply.

For many this early adopter tax is a measly price to pay in exchange for an incredibly more encapsulating VR gaming experience.

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