Analogue Nt Mini Reviewed

Classic Nintendo gaming with a modern twist

The Analogue Nt Mini perfectly ports classic NES and Famicon cartridges to modern televisions.

The Analogue Nt Mini is the ultimate in nostalgic gaming perfection. The system allows users to play both classic NES and Famicom cartridges on modern televisions with support for a range of analog video signals and HDMI. The console also includes wireless controllers in the classic NES style and support for games from all regions, including those designed for PAL and NTSC video standards. This amazing setup is packaged in a beautifully designed full aluminium shell with 4 controller inputs located in the front and is priced at $450.

Analogue are a boutique console design firm based in Seattle. The firm opened its doors with the launch of the CMVS Slim in 2012. Following its success, the original Analogue Nt was released in 2015 with the Analogue Nt Mini following a year later.

Every Analogue console uses restored original components scavenged from broken Famicom consoles. The components are then attached to a proprietary board with an aftermarket video board added to allow for interfacing with modern televisions. This amazing feet of engineering is then packaged in its aluminum shell ready for sale.

Through a box of old games I found in the attic, friends’ collections, and friends of friends’ collections, we managed to test a wide variety of games on our Analogue Nt Mini. Games we tried included Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Punch Out, Mega Man IV, Jaws, Contra and DuckTales, all of which worked if not as good, then better than they would on the classic systems. Playing the original Mario, from the original cartridge on my 54-inch HD TV was a surreal experience. The colours are rich and the gameplay is smooth. Plus, getting to blow into the cartridge before shoving it into the slot was very satisfying.

I have tried a number of emulators and aftermarket alternatives but few, if any compare to the perfectly adapted experience you get from the Analogue Nt Mini. At $450, it’s not cheap but if you have a whole load of old cartridges lying around and want something that will blend seamlessly into your modern gaming setup, then the Nt Mini is just what you are looking for.

The success of classic Nintendo products and third-party alternatives like the Nt mini has skyrocketed over the last year. Interest in these systems was highlighted during the 2016 festive season when sales of the NES classic outstripped all expectations. The legendary console company again showed an affinity to its retro titles porting a number of the classic Megaman games to mobile app formats, the success of which is sure to usher in a number of other classic titles for mobile gaming.

Nintendo seem to be perfectly positioning themselves to take advantage of the nostalgic experiences of the first adult population to grow up with video games. And when you consider that these individuals have disposable income to burn, the move is ensuring Nintendo opens up a profitable niche market that many console manufactures seem completely unaware of. A market that boutique firms like Analogue are only too happy to exploit.

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