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Because His Behavior, Baker Mayfield Was Sentenced to a Fine

Never happened before, Baker Mayfield career as an NFL athlete is threatened tarnished by his attitude who did not uphold sportsmanship in last week’s match. Many people are so surprised that he will celebrate excessively for victory of his team. Moreover, for all this time, as an athlete he has always been a mainstay of his team and appeared very brilliant when competing in official matches.

Celebrating a victory for each team defended by an athlete is indeed an obligation. However, Baker Mayfield’s celebration seemed excessive considering his team has been superior to 8 points against the Bengals. Not only will it effect on his career in the future, the impact of the celebration led to a $10,000 fine.

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The parties from Baker Mayfield knew that sentence, and consider appealing against the injustice that befell him. The decision was called unfair because it was clear that the celebrations were normal and did not harass any party. He also said he would try hard to be free from the punishment that befell him.

It was known on Sunday’s match, after ensuring the victory of his team, Baker Mayfield ran to the side of the field to celebrate the victory by making a signal under his belt that made him sentenced by the organizers of the tournament.

Many people who regretted the celebration he did. But it is already happening and culminate in a fine that will stain his career for the first time.

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