Gal Gadot shares epic Wonder Woman (2017) set shot!

Gal Gadot releases jaw dropping new Wonder Woman (2017) set photo.

Wonder Woman (2017) leading lady, Gal Gadot has released a jaw-dropping new shot from the set of the movie on her Instagram account. With hype around this latest addition to the DC universe building, Wonder Woman has easily become our most anticipated movie of 2017.

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With two trailers already having dropped, we are already clear on the basic plot for the upcoming Wonder Woman. Princess Diana of the Amazons has trained all her life to be an unconquered Amazonian Queen but when Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) crashes his plane on the the Amazons island, everything changes. After hearing about the rises of the Nazis and World War II, Dianna leave the island with Steve to fulfill her destiny and discover the extent of her power.

Is Wonder Woman (2017) too important to fail?

After the much anticipated and much criticized releases of Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad, the DC universe is in trouble. When you add in the uncertain future of The Batman, with Ben Affleck stepping down as director, The Flash and Aquaman, the executives at Warner Bros. and the public alike are putting huge amount of pressure on the success of the upcoming Wonder Women (2017). We’re hoping that an Wonder Woman success could bode well for the Justice League coming later in the year.

Although the DC universe seems in doubt, the flawless casting of Gadot as the lead whose stupefying beauty is the perfect representation of an Amazonian princess was the first perfect first step towards success for this upcoming title. With the addition of the beautiful set and costume designs and Chris Pine in the supporting role of Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman (2017) seems well on it’s may to being DC’s first successful blockbusters since Nolan’s trilogy.

Please, DC, for the love of god keep Zack Snyder well away from the Wonder Woman editing booth!

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