Star Wars: Kylo Ren’s Motivations to be Explored in Episode 8

Star Wars Kylo Ren will get a more detailed back story in Star Wars Episode 8.

With Star Wars Episode 8 just under a year away from release, Adam Driver has told audiences what he’s most looking forward to in the space epic’s newest outing on his Star Wars’ Kylo Ren.

Speaking during an interview on Larry King Now, Driver stated that episode VIII will explore Kylo Ren’s ‘Humanity’ and the moral justifications he holds for his actions.

In the Previous Star Wars Kylo Ren commit actions which shocked some viewers. Whilst his original appearance seemed to place him as one of the new series’ central villains, as the film progressed we started to see him becoming a more complicated character.

Driver spoke about the character’s complicated nature and stated that episode VIII will look at not only where Kylo Ren is going, but also what’s happening with the First Order.

Driver stated that he remembered talking to JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson about the idea of terrorism. Their idea was that both sides in the film believe that their actions are the right actions and that there is a deep, moral reason for acting in the way that they do. For Ren, it’s not just as simple as Good and bad.

During the interview, Driver can be heard saying “There was a lot of plot points that we knew were operating in the first one, that we get to explain more in the second one, that kind of make both of them make sense.”

Recently, another Star Wars film, Rogue One, appeared in Cinemas. It depicted a different take on the Star Wars Universe, showing members of the Rebel Alliance trying to capture the plans to the Death Star. The film ends where episode IV kicked off. In keeping with the changing atmosphere of the Star Wars’ universe, it showed a darker look at the people who support the heroes we tend to see in the main franchise movies.

It looks like Star Wars is set to continue on this path and explore a much greyer area than the previous films’ depiction of the light side versus the dark side.

The newest Star Wars, Episode VIII, will be in cinemas December 15, 2017, see it then.

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