Slenderman Movie Adaptation Finds a Director

Slenderman movie lands a director and we are ready to be scared!

Some of you might know Slenderman from his original appearance on Creepy Pasta back in 2009. Some of you might know him from the eerie first-person survival horror video game Slender: The Eight Pages (If you haven’t, check it out, it’s freeware and definitely makes your skin crawl). Yet even if you haven’t heard of Slenderman, it looks like you soon will as the Slenderman movie is expected to find its way onto the big screen in the next few years.

Sylvian White has now been attached to the project as director. With previous directorial credits from the 2007 teen drama Stomp the Yard and the 2010 action comedy The Losers, Slender looks to be a departure from his usual style.

Slenderman is a supernatural character who resembles a faceless, tall and thin man. He is known for stalking and capturing victims, often traumatizing them. This demonic entity had originally been created by Eric Knudsen and posted in the online creepy pasta forum Something Awful.

With Screen Gems now financially backing the film, production will likely begin in Spring at the latest. Knudsen had previously turned down offers for Slenderman movie productions and blocked then, including a Kickstarter campaign. He stated that he “just want[s] something amazing to come off it… something that’s scary and disturbing and kinda different. [He] would hate for something to come out and just be kinda conventional.”

They may just have jumped on the bandwagon at the right time. Two video games have already capitalized on the cult phenomena that is Slenderman. The newest, Slender: The Arrival, was released in 2013 to mediocre reviews.

Last year, HBO released a documentary special entitled Beware the Slenderman. Beware the Slenderman tells the horrific and true story of two 12-year old’s who had stabbed their best friend nineteen times, in the woods near their home in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Following their arrest, the two girls pleaded guilty and stated they had done it to appease the Slenderman.

Whilst the Slenderman has become an increasingly controversial figure, he is sure to scare movie-goers. With Knudsen’s statement about wanting to make sure it’s not just going to be a conventional horror, it’s likely that horror lovers have something to look forward to.

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