Leaked Deadpool 2 Concept Art Provides Huge Surprise

Huge reveal with Deadpool 2 concept art leak!

Brad Pitt as Cable in Deadpool 2 concept art
Deadpool 2 leaked concept art reveals Brad Pitt as Cable
Is Brad Pitt Cable? Leaked Deadpool 2 concept art seems to confirm he is.
Leaked Deadpool 2 concept art reveals Colossus.
Deadpool in Deadpool t-shirt revealed in leaked concept art for Deadpool 2.
Domino concept art for Deadpool 2 leaked.

Only hours after reporting that Michael Shannon would be playing Cable in Deadpool 2, leaked Deadpool 2 concept art has us reeling with the realisation that, in fact, it would seem Brad Pitt is the front runner to play the iconic X-Men antihero. The concept art for the upcoming Deadpool 2 was leaked on Reddit earlier today and amongst the huge Cable reveal, we also get a look at Domino, Colossus, and Deadpool in a Deadpool t-shirt.

With the first Deadpool movie making such an impact after leaked test footage forced studio bosses to green light the production, this may be a similar attempt to get the ball rolling on a production that seems to have been mired with set back after set back. It could also be a way of “bullying” Pitt, who is set to star in the Netflix original War Machine, into signing onto the cast. Whatever the reasoning, as a fan I am loving what I am seeing and I can wait to see more.

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