Justice League trailer 2 expected to be hitting screens come Spring

Will the Justice League Trailer 2be everything we have been waiting for in the new DC universe?

Rumors have started circulating regarding the release of a second Justice League trailer for the hotly anticipated Warner Bros. film Justice League, with online sources stating that it’s likely going to hit screens in 2017.

Umberto Gonzalez, a film reporter known for his ability to be the first to break major scoops regarding superhero films, stated on his twitter that he’s been told to expect it in spring. Whilst the statement has neither been confirmed or denied by Warner Bros., Gonzalez has a history of being pretty on target.

Warner Bros. still committed to Justice League and DC

Whilst Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may have faced negative reviews and harsh judgements from critics, that hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. from continuing its expansion of the DC extended universe with a new movie (the fifth) and a host of new characters.

It’s known that Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg will make appearances, yet superman’s fate hasn’t really been addressed. After his supposed death at the hands of doomsday, fans aren’t quite sure what to expect this time around. However, with Henry Cavill listed in the film’s lineup, he’s almost certain to make a return.

Parts of the new film were hinted at in Batman and Superman’s last outing, yet the plot still largely remains unknown. The first trailer indicated that a standard “heroes Vs. invaders” storyline looks set to take place. This outside threat is expected to arise in the form of Steppenwolf, who’s scene didn’t quite make the final cut in Dawn of Justice.

San Diego Comic-Con

It’s also expected that the San Diego Comic-Con will offer Warner Bros. a great opportunity to market the film over the summer. The film’s director, Zack Snyder, confirmed on October 14 that filming had wrapped in the United Kingdom.

With all the footage now finished, you can likely expect the Spring trailer to be the first ‘full’ trailer you’re going to see and really give us an idea of how the movie will look when it’s finished.

While the Justice League trailer is expected in Spring, the movie release is set to arrive in cinemas on November 17, 2017. Until then, check out the teaser trailer already made available by Warner Bros. and stay tuned for updates.

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