The First Look at Jurassic World 2

Director JA Bayona shares first look at Jurassic World 2.

In anticipation of its June 2018 release, director JA Bayona gave us all a happy International Women’s day with a first look at Jurassic World 2.

Released on his Twitter page, Bayona expressed his excitement at getting the chance to share the first look at “the new Jurassic Adventure.”

The 2018 release will be the follow up to the franchise’s reboot, Jurassic World released in 2015. The final scene of the last film encompassed a sweeping shot of the T-Rex claiming the park’s helipad as his own. The scene is a not too subtle metaphorical cue that the dinosaurs have driven out their human overloads and claimed this land as their own, much the same as they did at the conclusion of Jurassic Park.

One can assume then, that Jurassic World 2 will follow the same skeletal plot structure as Jurassic Park 2, a plot that followed an attempt to recapture the island park and once again use it’s inhabitants as attractions. We are, however, unlikely to see them again attempt to transport the T-Rex back to populated society, they have surely thought better of it this time.

As a result, it is likely that this first look, this tiny morsel of information is a still from the opening scenes of the movie. It will likely setup a reintroduction to the characters with
Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Daniella Pineda, Geraldine Chaplin, Ted Levine, Daniella Pineda, Geraldine Chaplin, Justice Smith, Rafe Spall and Toby Jones all returning in their roles.

Wild speculation you say? Well yes. I had 300 words to cover with just a single mysterious picture of a girl staring at a triceratops skull to go on. How’d I do?

Expect Jurassic World 2 in theaters on 22 June, 2018.

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