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Anthem: 3 Reason You Must Have This Game

If talking about games from EA, certainly many gamers are disappointed with that company. Yes, This famous gaming company has disappointed many gamers around the world because they always make unilateral decisions. Like canceling the release of the new of Red Alert franchise. Although Anthem was developed by Bioware, many gamers were made worried because this game was under the auspices of EA. Many gamers don’t want this franschise to have the same fate as Red Alert.

If you first see footage from Anthem, surely you are fascinated by the beauty of nature, the gameplay and costumes used by every character that is very extraordinary. Flying here and there like a hero in a movie, make this games worth it for you to play if released later.


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This Anthem franchise developed by BioWare has a fantastic gameplay. If you ever watch iron man movies from Marvel, you will be seen by the same thing. You can attack enemies like iron man, shoot small missiles and use laser beams at our enemies. We feel truly in a world full of fantasy. Defeating an enemy like a hero from the marvel is indeed a very extraordinary experience.


The graphics from Anthem itself are truly fascinating. Imagine we are on a planet full of beautiful scenery. By using Unreal Engine 4 and Openworld. The latest game from EA has the most captivating graphics among the other games I’ve ever played. I personally give a 10/10 rating for graphics from this franchise.


The developer some time ago has shown the gameplay of Anthem. The franchise that has the action RPG genre and sci-fi themed shows fantastic game details. Since then, my little brother is always asks when this game will be released hahaha. Maybe fans of this franchise can’t wait to taste this game on the ps4 console. So is this game is suitable to be played on the next year? The answer is yes absolutely!

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