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Mass Effect Andromeda: The Nomad

IGN recently got an exclusive look at what is sure to be one of the coolest aspects of Mass Effect Andromeda, the Nomad. The Nomad, which is the replacement for the Mako, is a 6-weel Batmobile-inspired all terrain vehicle that you can use to quickly explore landscapes, jumping from mining area to mining area to maximize your efforts.

One of the main elements shown in the teaser gameplay footage was the Nomad’s 6-wheel drive capabilities. When engaged, the Nomad’s 6-wheel drive upgrade (it comes with 4-wheel drive as standard) will allow it to climb near vertical inclines and scale seemingly impassable terrains.

In addition to the 6-wheel drive upgrade, the Nomad has hundreds of additional upgrades and can be endlessly customized. Within the Nomad’s upgrade menu, there are options to purchase various upgrade blueprints from vendors around the galaxy. There is a huge selection of upgrades to choose from, including: Improved Shield Generation, Supercharged Boost, Vertical Thrust Upgrades, Agility Mode, Life Support upgrades, Defensive Fortification and more.

Players can activate the Nomad from the Forward station. In addition to allowing the Pathfinder to launch the Nomad, Forward stations, which are featured on larger planets, have a variety of other uses including information about the remaining areas, mapping of the mining areas around it, codex entries, and the ability to Fast Travel the Pathfinder.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to be released on 21 March for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. EA/Origin Access programs will allow players to gain early access to a 10-hour trial of the game on March 16 to test the multiplayer and single-player modes. Early access will, however, not give players access to the game’s campaign component.

Remote Controlled Nomad ND1 availble for $200.

Along with GOT’s Natalie Dormer voicing Dr. Lexi T’Perro, the Nomad might be my favorite aspect of the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda release, an aspect that BioWare have turned into what may be the most desirable merchandising option ever, the Remote Control Nomad ND1. You can get it from the BioWare website now for $200.


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Mass Effect Andromeda: The Nomad

IGN recently got an exclusive look at what is sure to be one of the coolest aspects of Mass Effect Andromeda, the Nomad. The...

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