Game Review: The Little Fox

A ‘tough nut to crack’.

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The Little Fox, for Android systems, is a game quite unlike many of the others out there. At first glance, the game looks cute. Images show us a fox trying to navigate his way through a range of fairy-tale settings and collect tokens as he goes.

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It is a cute game, there’s no denying this, but it’s also so much more. Underneath that cute exterior lies a game with some genuine challenges and is a ‘tough nut to crack’. If you’ve ever been stuck in a game loop where you keep saying ‘just one more go’ to yourself, then you know exactly how The Little Fox can make you feel.

Underneath that cute exterior lies a game with some genuine challenges and is a ‘tough nut to crack’.

The game’s basic set-up is as an endless runner, where you are expected to guide the Little Fox through a series of thirteen fairy-tale planets. You can move the fox to the left or to the right, there is no jumping and no ducking. Just make sure you keep the fox where he’s meant to be and collect teardrops.

Teardrops come from the Little Prince and help you to water a rose until you can return it to the prince. The premise may seem simple, yet the gameplay is much, much harder.

Yet you’re not going to feel too bad after you die and have to repeat yourself. The art style here is engrossing. The levels are varied, with different worlds ranging from icy cliffs and volcano craters to a bog and a dark cave. The game also runs well on most newer mobiles running Android. There are occasional hiccups but they are very brief.

On the minus side, you’re looking at a game populated by ads. Every 3-5 deaths, you’re going to see an ad pop up on your screen. This can become incredibly annoying and distracts from the gameplay, especially when you’re in ‘just one more go’ mode. The ads may only be 5 seconds long but they’re still an unavoidable annoyance.

Additionally, you’re looking at using something called a foxtail each time you restart. You can either buy unlimited foxtails for $2.99, or watch a long ad for 10.

Overall, whilst the game is a brilliant example of a runner with beautiful artwork and great settings, the ads really let it down and detract from its addictive quality.


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