The 24th Overwatch Hero is Revealed!

A bot called Orisa has been launched by Blizzard as the 24th hero of Overwatch.

After much anticipation and speculation, it’s official. The 24th Overwatch hero is an OR15 bot upgraded and given a personality. Orisa, is a one of a kind creation designed by robotics prodigy Efi Oladele and she’s a badass!

Orisa’s abilities

Orisa will take up a Tank role in a team offering various defensive abilities and a long range offensive option.

1Fusion Driver

Her main offensive ability, this automatic projectile cannon offers long range and high damage capabilites. It will, however slow her movement considerably.


Basically a personal force field, Fortify will make Orisa’s armor temporarily impenetrable.


A gravitational charge that will slow enemies, pulling them toward the epicenter of the charge.

4Protective Barrier

A stationary barrier that Orisa and her allies can use as cover.


The damage inflicted by every allied unit within Orisa’s range will increase during use.

Doomfist Teased

Orisa’s official origin story also gave us more information on the Numbani International Airport attack that inspired Oladele to create the 24th hero.

“I was at the airport when Doomfist attacked. Poor bots didn’t stand a chance.”

Blizzard seem content to continue to taunt us with Doomfist and the possibility of Terry Crews voicing him. We can only hope that the legend of Doomfist is final realised as a playable character… hopefully sooner rather than later.

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