StarCraft Remastered: What We Know So Far!

We take a first look at Blizzard's StarCraft Remastered.

Rumours of the possibility of a remastered version of 1998 classic, StarCraft have been around for what seems like decades. However, those rumours have finally come to fruition with confirmation from Blizzard that StarCraft Remastered is heading for a Summer 2017 release!

Let’s take a look at what we know so far about this long-awaited re-release.

A Look Back at The Original StarCraft

StarCraft was originally released in March 1998. It is a military themed sci-fi game franchise which is set at the beginning of the 26th century. The story-line centres around a battle between three different species – The Terrans (humans), The Zerg amd The Protoss. Over the years the franchise achieved cult status among fans and spawned several games, novelisations and merchandise.

Part of the reason why it became so popular in the nineties was that it could run on almost any PC, it was easy to run across a LAN network and was a cheap form of entertainment. Of course, it was also incredibly fun to play!

What We Know About StarCraft Remastered So Far

So, with the announcement from Blizzard that StarCraft Remastered is definitely on the horizon, what else do we know for sure? These are the most important points from the announcement.

If you are feeling nostalgic, then you may be glad to know that the launch of Starcraft Remastered is going to be preceded by a patch for the nearly two decades old StarCraft: Brood Wars client. This will update the game to version 1.18a which will not do anything to alter the mechanics of the game, but it will offer better compatibility with newer versions of Windows. It will also allow players of the original game to connect and play with those who purchase the remastered release.

Most importantly, when the patch is deployed, the original StarCraft Anthology will be free to download and play. The patch is expected to start rolling out on March 30th. This is a clever marketing strategy as it will renew interest in the game ahead of the remastered version’s release while also giving Blizzard a chance to highlight and address any bugs present when playing on newer operating systems.

When StarCraft Remasterd is launched in Summer 2017, it will feature updated in-game graphics to bring it in line with 4K standards. It will also feature brand new audio. Blizzard president Mike Morhaime has confirmed that the changes will be wholly cosmetic tweaks and that the actual gameplay will not be altered. This will be great news for fans of the original game.

Blizzard have yet to give an official release date aside from the ball park Summer 2017 timescale. Pricing information has also to be released at a later date. Personally.. I can’t wait!

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