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Metro Exodus is confirmed to Be Released Next Year

Another franchise that has been awaited by gamers around the world. After being delayed by the developer, the game lovers finally got the good news. Yups, The Metro Exodus that already you waited will soon we taste it in 2019. Why is that? Many gamers have heartbroken because the latest franchise from 4A Games has not been launched because of several unfinished factors.

This action first shooter based game presents the open world concept with stunning graphics. the gamers can also certainly not going to get bored quickly because Metro Exodus has many new features in aspects of gameplay and graphics that will increasingly make the players feel at home spending time in front of their favorite TV.

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But do you know? Many rumors are circulating about Metro Exodus which makes gamers even more curious about the latest franchise from Deep Silver as the publisher. As a gamer, I did not immediately believe in various circulating rumors before there was an official statement from the developer.

Not Using Open World System

In 2017, Metro Exodus was officially introduced in the E3 event and made many people fascinated by the beauty of the concept graphics presented. A very wide world as if to make gamers think this game uses the open world system. But unfortunately, the producer of this franchise denies that thing. This game will still use the classic linear concept that has been used in the previous franchise. Maybe because of that issue, the developer finally decided to delay the release of this year.

The Official Launch Date Be Delayed

Many factors caused the Exodus Metro to be delayed. Some gamers think because of the issue of the open world system. But the reality is not just that, The 4A Games as the developer of this game states they prefer to release it in 2019 because many new games are already released this year. They use that time of delay to perfect this franchise of gameplay aspect, graphics and adding various new features to further pamper the gamers.

I feel like I want to taste it immediately, just watching it makes me curious. Moreover, Metro Exodus is inspired by a famous novel written by Dmitry Glukhovsky which makes it has more value on this franchise if according to my perspective.

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