Tekken 7: Akuma the Dimension Bender

Satsui no Hado

The arcade version of TEKKEN 7 arrived in Japanese arcades in early 2015 but was only released to console and PC in early June, 2017. The gameplay and storylines follow in the footsteps of the previous installments, with one major exception–the addition of Capcom’s Street Fighter character, Akuma. Having had the game

Satsui no Hado

for a couple of days, I have played around with Akuma and found his fight style to both fit in the Tekken world, while also remaining true to the Street Fighter roots. While the game is still overwhelmingly Tekken (TAKE 7! + Tag Tournaments!) the addition of Akuma adds fighting and storyline flavor that Street Fighter characters will love, even if the two camps couldn’t’ get together amicably in Street Fighter X Tekken.




Hurricane Kick




If you are a Street Fighter fan, Tekken fan, or someone who likes them both, you should find the addition of Akuma to be a natural inclusion to the Tekken-verse that fits the genre and theme of the larger story. Plus you get to throw fireballs… in Tekken. Yay!

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