Can Tekken 7 Revitalize the Franchise

Tekken 7 last change to revitalize failing franchise?

Bandai Namco’s fighting videogame series, Tekken, has been noticeably absent from the console scene for a while now. With Tekken 7’s release in the first half of 2017, this looks set to change. However, the real question is, can Tekken 7 really bring the franchise back from what some thought was too long of an absence?

The last Tekken game to hit consoles was Tekken 6 in 2009, where it seemed to be met with generally favorable reviews. However, some of the excessive load times and online lag led to a fair number criticisms. Some players felt it ruined their experience of the fighting game. This may be why the last generation of consoles never saw another Tekken game.

A PlayStation 4 version of the new title was confirmed back in October 2015, at the Paris Games Week. Exclusive content and VR support where listed as some of the games added features. During E3 2016, Bandai Namco finally confirmed that Tekken 7 would be fighting its way into player’s living rooms by early 2017.

For many, the newer versions of Tekken, before 7, just haven’t had the same appeal as older versions such as Tekken 3. Many felt that the damage weighting in newer games was unfair, whilst others believe that the combo moves just became too complicated and long to pull off every time. It seemed like more casual players just weren’t able to keep up with the game’s progressively more complicated structure.

Yet early reviews and sneak peaks at Tekken 7 have left most feeling that it signals a return to the games of old. Tekken 7 hails back to the series roots, with some new additions when it comes to both mechanics and characters.

One of these new mechanics, known as ”Rage Art”, features a cut-scene move which players can pull off when they reach low health.

Players can also expect up to 36 playable fighters, with many familiar faces making a return and 8 new debuts, including a visit from Street Fighter’s Jack.

Make sure to check Bandai Namco’s new fighting game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows early 2017. If you remember the old classics, this is sure to bring back some old memories and make a few new ones as well.

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