Overwatch share new character teasers

Who could the next Overwatch hero be?

Following Jeff Kaplan’s hints last month that the latest Overwatch hero may not be who we expect, the official Overwatch Twitter feed is starting to offer us a few clues as to who it may be.

It started with an interview with an Adawe Foundation Genius Grant recipient published on the Overwatch blog on 21 Feb. The interview with an 11-year-old robotics engineering prodigy, Elfi Oladele, whom some have speculated may be the 24th character herself. In the interview, she hints at a project she’ll be using her Genius Grant to fund, a project that will “keep us safe, like the new OR15s!”

The next hint was posted to the Overwatch Twitter feed and included a breaking news report describing the destruction of OR15 Defense Bots at Numbani International Airport. The same OR15 Bots Oladele had described in her interview.

Finally, just a few days ago, another Twitter hint came in the form of the to-do list for Oladele’s new project with the caption, “Time to get work!”

Could Oladele be creating an advanced bot, a bot that will then become the 24th character of the Overwatch universe? Or, will her project be an exoskeletal suit, much like Iron Man’s, that will allow Oladele to become the 24th hero herself? We’ll be keeping a close eye on that Twitter feed to find out.

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