Game Freak Hiring For Pokemon Switch Game

Could Pokemon Stars be coming to the Nintendo Switch

Game Freak begin hiring for Pokemon Stars Nintendo Switch game.

Game Freak, developers of the mainline Pokemon series have released a number of recruitment adverts for a console game. The news has many in the industry speculating that this is the first confirmation of the long-rumored Pokemon Stars game for the Nintendo Switch.

Originally reported by Siliconera, the adverts could be the first tangible evidence that a Pokemon game will be launched on the Nintendo Switch. This corroborates earlier reports that hinted on the a possible Sun/Moon update to be launched on the Switch before the end of the year. Early reports have also hinted that the game’s working title is Pokemon Stars.

In addition to a 3D CG designer to work on “characters, monsters and items” for a title that “everyone knows”, Game Freak are also looking for a Character model creator with “Wii U [to] PS Vita-level” experience. It is, as a result, of little doubt that it will be a console game and when you consider Game Freak’s only truly recognisable RPG property is Pokemon, the evidence becomes overwhelming clear.

With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild already a global hit and the Sun/Moon series receiving critical acclaim, the first Pokemon game to be launch for a TV-based device could be huge for Nintendo and their Switch sales .

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