What To Expect From The Flame in the Flood

The Flame in the Flood is out for PS4

January 17 saw the release of a new survival game, called The Flame in the Flood, for PS4.

Having already been released on Xbox One and PC in 2016, The Flame in the Flood pits players against a dangerous and inhospitable post-societal America, where they need to fight through procedurally generated environments.

Starting along a long, endless river, players must navigated their way through the treacherous, backwoods terrain to interact with others and survive. It’s like a “travelling survival game’, said one of the developers.

Players are expected to scavenge areas for food and resources or they will die. Unlike many other survival games, The Flame in the Flood features a perma-death system, where once the player is dead there’s no coming back. With resources they scavenge, players can then craft new items and equipment to help them continue their quest for survival.

The Game has received generally positive reviews from critics, with many seeing the game as engaging and challenging. Of particular note has been the games artwork, which many have lauded as being engrossing and what makes the experience come together so well. Other commentators have noted that the soundtrack, by singer Chuck Ragan of Hot Water fame, is absorbing and just as much a part of the experience as the artwork.

Of course, not all reviews have been positive, with one of the game’s main criticisms coming in the form of its awkward menu system. Whilst many believe it to be confident in its execution, others believe it may have been too confident and some integral flaws were overlooked between its beta and being brought to release.

The game was produced by Boston based studio The Molasses Flood, who managed to raise funds for the game’s development through Kickstarter. The Crowdfunding campaign managed to raise $251,647 of its $150,000 goal, with early access through steam available back in September 2016.

Some members of the development team are known for having worked on popular titles such as BioShock, Halo 2, and Rock Band.

The PS4 version will come packed with director’s commentary, two unique avatars, a dynamic theme, and a “host of gameplay tweaks”.

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