Capcom to Release 6 Classic Megaman Games on Mobile

Get ready for classic Megaman games on iOS and Android devices

Megaman fans rejoice; Capcom plan to bring six of their classic Megaman games to iOS and Android at $1.99 each, this January. This after the company’s NES Classic Edition success is making classic NES property hot products.

It seems that retro has been making a huge comeback recently. With the NES Classic making its way onto shelves back in November to adoring fans, another series of NES classic games will be appearing come January. This time on mobiles.

Despite using newer touchscreen controls, players should expect a nostalgic return to the original 8-bit graphics and traditional platforming gameplay of the classic Megaman games.

Whilst studios have been taking advantage of the advanced control options on mobile phones to release platforming games, Capcom included, some argue that platformers shouldn’t be featured on the mobile touchscreens.

Previous platforming games include revamps of Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Bros. on iOS and Kero Blaster. All of which have been seen as entertaining and fun versions which work well on portable devices.

However, bad ports which have appeared in the past have caused a lot of potential players to avoid future releases. Their awkward controls, lack of support for some parts of the games’ codes which were originally designed for different systems and the limitations of a smartphone itself, have contributed to this.

Capcom have announced that certain elements will differ from the originals. For instance, the difficulty level will be optimized for smartphones, making the games more compatible. Also to be changed is the speed, with certain parts of the games being changed to meet mobile requirements. There will, however, be a speed option where players can set it to either ‘high’, ‘medium’ or ‘low’.

With many players looking to recapture the nostalgia of their youth and having likely committed parts of this game to muscle memory, it has a lot to live up to. The new control style and edits for the mobile version may cause a divide between the opinions of returning classic Megaman games fans and new players.

Many of the series old players will expect to be able to use a controller to play the games, yet at this point in time it looks as though there is no controller support for the replica platformers.

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