New Star Trek Discovery Series has its Captain

Harry Potter star to take on the iconic role

New series, Star Trek Discovery gets its captain.

With the caption, “The U.S.S. Discovery has its captain! Welcome aboard @jasonsfolly & Mary Wiseman” and with CBS later confirming which of the two had secured the role, it was announced that Harry Potter star, Jason Folly would take up the mantel of Captain.

This confusing announcement on a variety of the show’s social media accounts is one of many stumbles the new show has suffered. With multiple casting headaches, “behind-the-scenes flux” and showrunner Bryan Fuller stepping down, it should be no surprise that the latest installment of the Star Trek TV franchise is well behind schedule. Originally slated for a late January 2017 release, the show has now been delayed until late Summer according to CBS representatives.

Star Trek Discovery comes well over a decade after the completion of the last TV series in the franchise, Enterprise which ran for 98 episodes over four seasons. With renewed interest in the franchise building with help from the trilogy of films spearheaded by J.J. Abrams over the last 8 years, Discovery looks to reignite the public’s interest in the show, space travel, and science fiction tv.

The events of Star Trek Discovery are set 10 years before that of the original series. The story and timeline will not follow that of the feature films and, as a result, we are unlikely to see the construction of a larger interconnected Star Trek universe. Would have be cool, that’s all I’m saying.

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