Fanmade Deadpool Gaston Parody Wins The Internet

Fan-made parody of Beauty and the Beast's Gaston song wins the internet.

Fanmade content has become increasingly impressive and this Deadpool Gaston parody is up there with the best. In fairness, it sells the final product short to call it fanmade with a credit list that reads more like a studio-backed production with a legitimate cast and stunt team.

The action takes place in a bar, a bar that Deadpool (played by Michael Parker, who pulls off an amazing Ryan Reynolds playing Wade Wilson) is decidedly unwelcome at. After a quick chat with the bartender, Deadpool gets thrown “a musical cue” and launches into the full Beauty and the Beast Gaston parody.

Enough talking, time to watch.

Warning, this tune is going to be stuck in your head for the rest the day… possibly your life!

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