Uncommon Monsters

Find out more about Uncommon Monsters

Uncommon monsters are a staple foods source for the fighting monsters of intermediate rangers. It is thought that they are both particularly delicious and nutritious, which may be why there aren’t as many of them as monsters in other tiers of Battle Camp monster, and why they shy away from roaming out in the open. Uncommon monsters hatch from eggs of rock.

Finding and Using Uncommon Monsters

There are only ten types of Uncommon monster: two for each element. The full list, along with each monster’s stats and locations, is over at our Battle Camp monster index page.

Uncommon Battle Camp monsters fall somewhere between commons and rares in terms of fighting ability. Except for a few uncommon monsters that you find in the camp very early in the game that can replace your starting monsters, uncommon monsters won’t be of much use in battle. Their attack and hp just don’t compare to the rare monsters you should be adding to your team as soon as possible.

The use of uncommon Battle Camp monsters is in their feed stat, which is much higher than common monsters. Feed values for common monsters ranges from 180 to 230, but all uncommon monsters have a feed value of 350. That’s almost twice as much as the weakest commons!

Remember that it is special monsters that are best for feeding to higher tier monsters in battling teams, because of their exp multiplier passives, but the specials themselves need to be leveled up first to maximise gains — that’s where uncommon monsters come in. They are great for fattening up special Battle Camp monsters. Read our pages on special monsters and feeding to get a better idea on how this is helpful.

Some uncommon monsters can be found in camp, Teepee Hollows, and in the Battle Halls. For example, the water uncommons are both found in the Battle Hall of Turtle Falls, Waterfall Hall, as rewards for beating Nucearwyvern or Poseithon. It is a similar case for the wind uncommons in Whirlwind Hall of Teepee Hollow, the leaf uncommons in Forest Hall of Spring Clearing, and the rock uncommons in Boulder Hall of Rocky Ridge. All uncommons can also be found in the Lost Temple.