Ultra Monsters

Find out more about Ultra Monsters.

Ultra monsters may not come from this world at all. They only seem to show up in the world of Battle Camp when they grant an egg to rangers who win a victory in some way. Do they come from another dimension, and only visit us when they sense a ranger of incredible power? Their eggs are green and studded with… are they diamonds? Seeing as the eggs hatch as soon as a ranger lays hands on it, we may never know. What we do know is that ultra Battle Camp monsters are scary powerful.

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Battle Camp monsters at the Ultra level and above can not be found roaming the map, and cannot be caught by assembling their eggs out of puzzle pieces like monsters of the lower rarity tiers. This is a difficult-to-overcome threshold for many rangers.

Often, rangers simply win their ultra monsters from buying spins on the Prize Grabs in the Battle Camp store. The ultimate grab contains monsters from the special tier up the epic tier, and this includes ultra Battle Camp monsters.

Troops that have reached the ultra tier will receive ultra monsters as rewards for completing events, but being accepted into an ultra tier troop will be difficult for lower level players. It is best to talk to a troop admin to see if there is anything (such as stones or special monsters to feed the troop pet) you can offer the troop in exchange for joining in with the event.

Troop dungeons (the cave on the left side of a Troop Hall) also gives some chance to get Ultra eggs, these are completed alone, but if you have an active troop also tackling it the chances of getting a good drop increase.

Another option is to take advantage of the salvage station in the Troop Hall. If you salvage a super monster, therefore losing that monster, you receive between 1 and 7 super essence, or between 2 and 14 super essence if the monster was evolved. Then you can craft an ultra egg at the crafting station. This costs 100 super essence, so many super monsters will have to be irreversibly salvaged.

Make sure you are not salvaging supers that you want to keep! Considering that supers are easier to level up than ultras, you might want to consider getting the most out of your supers instead, by evolving them perfectly and then maxing out their level. Read our evolutions and feeding tips if you want help with this.

Out Battle Camp monster index has a complete list of the ultra monsters available in Battle Camp.