Super Monsters

Find out more about Super Monsters.

Super stands for super rare, and that’s what these monsters are. They possess a whole new level of power, but are so few in number that that they must remain elusive. You can trust troops of rangers to sniff out powerful monsters, though, and true to their nature, troops will go on raids to secure the puzzle pieces of those valuable golden super eggs. They even seem to build their troop halls on top of the habitats of powerful super monsters…

Finding and Using Super Monsters

Super Battle Camp monsters outclass rares in a few regards. First of all, their stats: unevolved supers easily compete with evolved rares in terms of hp and attack. Secondly, a super can be raised to 10 levels higher than a rare of the same evolution level — that means the max level for an unevolved super is 50, and for an evolved super it is 60. Thirdly, some super’s can be evolved a second time! This again raises their level cap by ten levels, so that the most powerful supers reach level 70.

With all this in mind, it’s a massive boon to ranger if they can add a super to their Battle Camp team. But how to find them?

Some supers can be found in map locations, much like rare monsters, but it will be a challenge to build an entire egg by this method, as a) the supers don’t show up very often and b) six of the same puzzle pieces are needed from random drops to build their eggs.

You can win a super puzzle piece, or sometimes an entire super egg, by going on a troop raid. These are accessible from the Troop Hall — it’s the skull shaped opening close to the troop pet (not to be confused with the troop dungeon/cave, nearby). You will have to reach level 13 before you can enter it. A troop admin will have to open up the raid, but feel free to ask them if you fancy getting your hands on a super monster.

Each raid has five acts, and the final act will see you face off with an evolved super monster. Win, and get a random prize that could be a super puzzle piece or an entire super egg. It can be time consuming to grind these raids, but they are a reliable and free way of a getting a super tier Battle Camp monster.

For those with money to spend, random super monsters are available from the store by buying spins on the Battle Camp Prize Grabs.

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