Special Monsters

Find out more about Special Monsters.

Special monsters play an important role in the ecosystem of Battle Camp. They are the key to evolution. For this reason their bronze eggs are hunted eagerly by all rangers, from those at the intermediate level all the way up to Battle Camp veterans. It is likely that special monsters have a symbiotic relationship with the powerful boss monsters in the depths of dangerous dungeons, which would explain why most special Battle Camp monsters are found in raid halls.

Finding and Using Special Monsters

Special have the highest feeding values out of the entire Battle Camp monster list, and on top of that that they all have a specific attribute that will multiply the experience another monster gains if it eats the special monsters. This means special monsters are the finest of fine cuts when it comes to experience gain by feeding.

Therefore first thing to know about a newly caught special monster is what its feeding multiplier value is. If you click on the special monster in your inventory, you will discover whether it is Potent (which means a x2 multiplier to feeding value), Charged (x3 multiplier) or Energised (x5 multiplier).

There are several different categories of this unusual type of monsters. The weakest special monsters can be found in any of the main Battle Camp locations. These monsters are Brainfreeze, Crumbler, Glohawk, Cottonsail and Floralbonita. You will notice that many of the rare monsters will require one or more of these basic specials in order to evolve.

Candy specials are needed to make Super, Ultra and Epic monsters evolve for the first time, and they lurk in the Hall Dungeons, Raid Halls, and Troop Raids of Battle Camp. You can also find them during events and in the prize grab. Crystal specials are needed to make those monsters evolve a second time, and these super-valuable monsters are exclusive to the Lost Temple Raid Hall.

Treat Specials are needed to boost R-Levels during events… but that’s a whole other guide!

Our Battle Camp monster index covers them all.

Special monsters, though better than common monsters, will not be much use in battle because of their low stats. Their hp, attack and recovery is only a little better than common or uncommon Battle Camp monsters. Nonetheless, special monsters are essential for building a powerful team. Don’t forget that by levelling them up you can get more experience, and better evolutions, from them when feeding — so don’t neglect them!