Rare Monsters

rare monsters

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Beginner rangers rely on the rare monsters of the Battle Camp world in order to take on challenges. Rare monsters don’t make themselves easy to catch, as their silver eggs must be built up from multiple puzzle pieces before a ranger can hatch them and take advantage of their power. However, the work is worth is, as rare monsters open up new possibilities to monster raising and battling in Battle Camp.

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Rare monsters are on a new power level to the common monsters that rangers start the game with. They are approximately two to four times stronger. That means they shrug off more hits because of higher hit points (HP), they deal more damage thanks to their increased attack stat (ATK), and they heal more HP when you match heart symbols in battle because of their better recovery stat (RCV). And that is even before they are evolved.

Yes, rare Monsters are the first tier of Battle Camp monsters that can evolve. In fact, all basic rare monsters can evolve one level into a form with greater stats potential. Once you evolve a monster, its level resets to 1, but once you level it up the evolved form will end up with much higher stats than the unevolved form. How powerful, exactly, depends on the level of the ingredient monsters used to initiate the evolution. Perform a “perfect evolution” to maximum attack and hp of your monsters. Read our Evolution Guide to find out how.

You can see the complete stats of all rare Battle Camp monsters and their evolved forms at our Battle Camp monster index.

Rare monsters are also the first tier of Battle Camp monster to have passive abilities. Unlike active abilities, passives are not ready to use by default. First, you must have monsters in your team with matching Zodiac signs. Then, then passive ability will activate and make your monsters even more powerful.

Now, where does one find rare monsters? Most of them can still be found in the main locations of the game, from the camp through Teepee Hollow and all the way to Mt, Magma. However, some can only be found in event areas. Check their locations in the Battle Camp monster list to be sure. Once you find a monster you like, good old grinding is the name of the game. You will have to beat it multiple times to get the puzzle pieces it drops. Once you have enough puzzle pieces (two to four, depending on the monster), that rare silver egg will be yours.