Mythic Monsters

Mythic Monsters

Find out more about Mythic Monsters.

Existing originally on a higher plane of existence, mythic monsters are the deities of the Battle Camp world. They are the beings that rangers, and perhaps other monsters, pray to when they want to get stronger.

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There are five unevolved mythics monsters, one for each element, and they each evolve twice to show their true forms and the ultimate power. There are many stories about the mythic Battle Camp monsters. Which are true, and which are creative elaborations, none can say. These are some such stories:

The fire mythic is Blazion, a monster of hellfire. When a volcano erupts, a fraction of Blazion’s power is demonstrated. The souls of despots and megalomaniacs suffer in lava that is Blazion’s blood. It’s true form is HellBlazion.

The elephantine Quadfloris is the mythic of leaf. He is connected with every tree on the planet, and can draw on their energy at will. Once, it sneezed, and where the phlegm landed an entire jungle burst into existence. His true form is Quadendro.

Mizumander the serpent is the water mythic of Battle Camp. When an armada of a foreign nation came to invade the world of Battle Camp, Mizumander’s sign send mists and storms that dispersed the army and saved the land. It’s true form is Mizumage.

The rock mystic is Terracrunch. He holds the tectonic plates of the earth together. If he gets distracted horrendous earthquakes break out. One collision resulted in the formation of Rocky Ridge eons ago. Its true form is Terraclasm. Pesterflux is the angelic mythic of air. This seraphin created the atmosphere of Battle Camp allowing life to grow. It’s true form is Spiralflux.

Is it possible to fight alongside any of the mythic monsters? Some bards sing about rangers with a team of five mythics, but surely these are only fantasies… for this writer, the truth is unknown. If, however, through madness or bravery, you want to feel the radiant power of the gods of Battle Camp, you must surely need to be a member of a great troop indeed, and be a hero who conquers a great number of events.

Beyond that? Who knows.