Legendary Monsters

Legendary Monsters

Find out more about Legendary Monsters.

Legendary monsters are those that have survived since the dawn of time and triumphed over history. They have overcome innumerable challenges and hardships, fallen and been reborn, and grown stronger each time, until today when they stand at the pinnacle of the mountain of strength above other Battle Camp monsters. They are monsters that you hear about in stories from centuries ago as the saviours and destroyers of dynasties and empires. They will still lend their power to outstandingly strong or dedicated rangers, though it is hard not to wonder if this power was ever meant for mortal hands.

It was until recently believed that legendary monsters were the most powerful Battle Camp monsters that existed, though according to reports — dismissed as crazy) — that might not be the case…

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When it comes to this tier of monster there is no longer any possibility of getting them by crafting in the Troop Hall or digging for them in the Troop Dungeon. Legendary Battle Camp monsters are on another level entirely.

Legendary monsters will only show up in events. Rangers will not have any chance to add a legendary to their team unless they are pretty hot stuff, and part of a very powerful troop. They will need to be very active in events with a dedicated and powerful troop, as well as performed well in these events to win a lot of trophies (compared to all of the other players in Battle Camp attempting the same event) to increase the chances of getting good rewards.

There is a prize grab that is not available in the store that gives a chance of getting a legendary monster: the legendary grab! You can earn spins on this rare prize grab as part of events. The prize grab also gives supers, ultras, epics, as well as ultra crystal specials, so the chance of actually getting a legendary is quite low. As mentioned before: you will have to be very active in events to eventually get your hands on a legendary monster.

For all this work (and some good luck), what do legendries do for you? The max level of an unevolved Legendary is 90. Evolved legendries can reach 100, and second-evolved legendries don’t max out until an incredible level 110. And their base attack and hp stats are quite a bit higher than an epic monster to begin with! So these are certainly some pretty beasty beasts.