Epic Monsters

Find out more about Epic Mosters.

Epic monsters are to ultra monsters what super monsters are to rare monsters. The gold plated ruby eggs they hatch from give the impression that they are some sort of royalty amongst Battle Camp monsters. Certainly they rule over most other monsters in terms of strength, and are as elusive as any member of a royal family. Having an epic monster in their team is a mark of prestige for Battle Camp rangers.

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As with ultra monsters, epic monsters do not simply roam the lands at random. A ranger’s best chance of finding one lies with either events, or with Prize Grabs. See a list of your possible epic rewards at the Battle Camp monster index, and see if the increases in hp and attack stats justify the work.

The ultimate grab in the Battle Camp story is certainly the quickest and most reliable way for rangers to get an epic monster, but as each spin costs 50 gold, and the ranger could instead win a rare, super or ultra monster, searching for an epic in this way could become expensive.

Most other options involve being part of a troop, and ideally a very powerful one. Members of an epic troop can win epic monsters as rewards for taking part in events, but you’ll want to have something to offer (or be friends with the troop admin) if you want a cut amongst such high-level rangers. Special monsters and stones are both valuable to troops — for levelling up the troop pet and the troop itself, respectively ؅— so they make good bargaining chips.

As well as events, there is also a small chance of getting an epic egg in the troop dungeon. The chances increases for the more rangers that have completed the dungeon on that day, so having a very active and powerful troop will benefit you when digging for epics in the dungeon.

Whilst you’re in the troop hall, you may want to consider the salvage and crafting stations. You receive epic essence (between 1 and 7 for an unevolved monster, or 8 and 14 for an evolved monster) if you salvage ultra tier monsters, but be warned that a salvaged monster is lost permanently. Also know in advance that it will take 90 essence to craft an epic egg (a little less than the 100 super essence required for crafting ultra monsters), as well as 9500 stones (much more than when crafting ultra monsters!), so many ultra monsters are going to have to be sacrificed if you want to take this route. It’s not cheap or efficient, but it’s an option.