Common Monsters

Find out more about Common Monsters.

In the world of Battle Camp, common monsters are at the bottom of the food chain. This tier of monsters will hatch from white eggs — just like a chicken. And, similar to chickens and chicken eggs, common monsters make great food.

Finding and using Common Monsters

Over the whole Battle Camp monsters list, normal monsters are the minimum helpful in fight since they have the most reduced qualities in all Battle Camp details, from HP to assault to feeding value. The max tier of every regular monsters is 20.

You will begin your Battle Camp experience with a typical monsters for every one of the 5 elements. For fire, you start with Cromange; for leaf, Whirlybud; for water, Frostbite; for rock, Stabslab; and your starting wind monster will be Wingding. You can find a list of all common monsters at our Battle Camp monster index.

Don’t get too attached to these “starters”, though. Common Battle Camp monsters are not only the weakest monsters around, but (as with Uncommon and Special monsters) they do not evolve, so their potential is limited, to say the least.

Thankfully, they are easy to get hold of. Unlike the higher tiers of monsters (from Rare monsters and up) there is no need to build their eggs out of multiple puzzle pieces. They are a single drop, which is to say their egg can simply appear when you beat them in battle.

Almost all monsters you find upon graduating from the camp (after getting the Penny badge) will outclass the starting monsters. Some of these will also be common, as commons are found in all of the main story locations in Battle Camp. There is one common monster for each element in each of the six locations, for a total of 30 commons in Battle Camp.

The common monsters get more powerful the further you get into the story. You probably won’t want them for your team, though. The fire monster Radicoal will be much more powerful than the Cromange you get in camp, for example, but by the time you find Radicoal in Mount Magma you will have much more powerful monsters with the fire element.

So, what to do with all these common eggs you keep finding? For that, you should read our feeding guide. In short give your rare (or better) monsters some common monster chow, and you’ll see your more powerful Battle Camp monsters shoot up in level.