Battle Camp Monsters: Index

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Welcome to the most comprehensive list of Battle Camp monsters around, the Battle Camp World Monster index. Our list of Battle Camp monsters has been sorted in ascending order of rarity from the Common to the rarely seen Legendary monsters. The list shows Battle Camp monster stats, Battle Camp hp, Battle Camp attack stats and more. You can use the Monster Index tabs to refine your rarity search.

Battle Camp Monster Index

Battle Camp Monsters: Rarity

Battle Camp monsters of varying rarity can be found in every corner of the Battle Camp world from Teepee Hollow to Mt. Magma. In addition, a portion of the monster index can only be found with specific events that you will have to take part in, in order to snag those specific monsters.

Battle Camp monsters are split into 8 subgroups that rank monsters in terms of their rarity.

Monster rarity subgroups:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Special
  • Rare
  • Super
  • Ultra
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Click on each subgroup to find out more.

Battle Camp Monsters: Feeding/Fusion

If you are looking to increase the level of a Battle Camp monster quickly, you can sacrifice one or more (a maximum of 5 at once) other monsters to that monsters who will absorb them. It is recommend that you use monsters of the same element as this will elicit a 30% higher experience gain.

The feeding/fusion process will require a cost of stones that will be determined by the level of the Battle Camp monster being fed.

Battle Camp Monster Evolution

Evolving Battle Camp monsters occurs when two monsters of the same kind are combined to create a completely new monster. The evolution process is available on any monsters from the Rare rarity level upwards to Epic.

A monster can only be evolved when it reaches a certain level (dependent on their rarity) and it requires a cost of stones and the bases monsters.

What it costs to evolve Battle Camp Monsters:

  • Rare monsters – 2,500 stones
  • Super monsters – 5,000 stones (first evolution) 20,000 stones (second evolution)
  • Ultra monsters – 5,000 stones (first evolution) 30,000 stones (second evolution)
  • Epic monsters – 8,000 stones (first evolution) 50,000 stones (second evolution)

In addition, perfect evolutions will occur when two monsters are evolved with both monsters having maxed out levels and specials. The resulting evolved Battle Camp monster will have significantly higher stats than a similar monster evolved without a perfect evolution.