How to trade Battle Camp Monsters

Trade battle camp monsters guide

Trading is a really helpful way to get the Battle Camp monsters you need, but it does come with limitations (so that it can’t be exploited). The page explains how to trade Battle Camp monsters to your greatest benefit.


To trade Battle Camp monsters, your Battle Camp account must be linked with a Facebook profile. If you have not done this already, tap your avatar in Battle Camp. Then tap the cog icon to open the settings menu, and find the option for Registering a Facebook account. Only one Battle Camp account can be linked with a Facebook Account, and you cannot change this link after it has been created.

You can only trade Battle Camp monsters with players if you have been Battle Camp pals with them for two weeks. To add somebody as a Battle Camp pal tap their avatar when you see them in a location, or their portrait in the troop tab, and tap the Add Friend icon. You can also search for a specific user using the Social tab on the bottom menu of Battle Camp.

How to Trade Battle Camp Monsters

Visit using an internet browser. Log in using your Facebook account. You can also use the Battle Camp Facebook app.

No how to trade Battle Camp monsters: Click on the trading tab, followed by New Trade. You will see your Battle Camp pals and Facebook friends. If you click on them, you see what Battle Camp monsters they have to trade. Find a monster you want and click on it.

Now you see you own monsters. Click a monster that you are offering in return for the chosen monster of your friend. Then confirm the trade.

And that’s it: you’ve just found out how to trade a Battle Camp monster.


Battle Camp monster trading restrictions include:

  • You must trade one monster for one monster.
  • Both monsters must be of the same rarity (you can only get an epic if you trade your own epic).
  • Your avatar must have reached a certain level before they can trade each tier of monster.
  • For common monsters, the minimum level is 15. For a legendary it is 55.
  • You can only make two such trades each day.
  • You cannot be playing Battle Camp whilst trading. Close the game before trading.


Trading is best used for exchange an ingredient monster for a different one that you need, trading a monster for the same monster with a different Zodiac sign (read our Zodiak guide to find our why this is useful), or trading a monster for the same monster with a different active or passive ability (check out our combat guide for more information on this).

Visit the Battle Camp World forums! We have a ton of friendly players eager to trade, and we might be able to set you up with the monsters you want.

There are also unofficial sites such as available to help facilitate trades.