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Hit Harder With Zodiac and Passive Abilities

When we talk about zodiacs, our goal is awakening our Battle Camp monsters’ passive abilities. Every monster from the rare tier upwards has one. If you open up a monster’s screen you will see their passive ability next to their active ability, below their stats.

Each passive ability, when activated, will change that monster’s attack (ATK), health (HP) or recovery (RCV) stats, or their defence, or give them a chance to deal double damage (also known as a critical hit chance).

For example, the Shaman LV 1 passive will increase attack by 20% and recovery by 35%. The Protector LV 1 passive will increase HP by 55%.

Some passives will decrease one stat by a small amount in exchange for increase a different stat by a larger amount. For example, the Mender LV1 passive decreases attack by 10%, but increases recovery by a huge 65%.

There are 47 passive abilities in total.

All passives mentioned above are the LV 1 versions of the passive. All monsters start with a LV 1 passive, but the passive can be levelled up by feeding that monster another monster with the same passive. Whether the passive actually levels is simply down to chance, and the odds decrease if the feeder is a lower rarity than the monster it is fed to, and as the passive increases in level.

Consider that a Lethal passive (one of the more desirable passives in Battle Camp) at LV7, it will more than double your monster’s attack! You can see that having all of the passive abilities of your team activated can mean a massive improvement in power level.

Activating Passive Abilities Using the Zodiac

Every Battle Camp monster has one of twelve zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

To activate a monster’s passive ability, you must simply have three other monsters on your team with the same zodiac sign. If you have four monsters with passive abilities and the same zodiac sign on your team, all of their passive abilities will be activated. To activate the passive ability of all monsters on your troop every member must have the same zodiac sign.

Note that although only rare or better monsters have a passive ability, ALL monsters have a Zodiac, so when you are starting out in Battle Camp you can use common monsters to activate the passive ability of another monster, even though the common monsters themselves won’t have a passive ability to activate.

Trading is a great way to get change a Battle Camp monster for the same monster with a zodiac that matches with others in your team. Read our trading guide for tips.