Join a Battle Camp Troop

If you want to get the most out of Battle Camp, you should join a Battle Camp troop. It may seem like a confusing system to begin with, but take the time to get to grips with it and you will be rewarded — both with in-game rewards, and the reward of meeting new people and the fun of battling alongside them.


Battle Camp troop restrictions include:
• You must reach level 5 before you can join a Battle Camp troop.
• You can only be a member of one troop at a time.
• You cannot change your troop when engaged in an event (more on those below).

Join a Battle Camp Troop

When you can start to join a Battle Camp troop, you can find one using the troop search. Tap the flag icon on the Battle Camp App Screen. You will see a list of available troops, and also a search box that you can use if you already know the name of a troop that you want to join.

Note that you will not be able to search or join a battle camp troop if you are already part of a troop.

You can also find troops that you might like to join by checking on other players that you find roaming the world of Battle Camp. If you tap their avatar you can view what troop they are in,
Troop admins can invite players they see in Battle Camp to join their troop. Therefore you may get an invitation to a group, which you can find in your game notifications.

Finally, you may wish to make your own troop, which you can also do on the troop search page. Then you can invite whoever you want!

Some troop have rules, which they explain on their troop page. Take note of these or you may find yourself kicked out of the troop.

You will want to choose a troop that you will enjoy playing with. You will have more fun with people that speak your language and play in the same timezone. To begin with, you may want to choose an easygoing troop so you can get used to the features of troops.

Making Use Of Your Troop

A Battle Camp troop page is like a small social network of Battle Camp players, where members can make posts and chat to each other.

The Troop Hall, which you can access only if you are in that troop, opens up a number of extra features for rangers. At the salvage station you can salvage Battle Camp monsters and use the essence you get to build a monster egg of a higher tier. At the forge station you can make equipment for your Battle Camp monsters, such as weapons to improve attack and armor to improve hp. To make these, you will need to buy plans from the troop shop, and spend shards that drop in some battles.

The troop pet protects you troop in the Troop Wars event. It is found in the troop hall, is picked by the troop admin, and can be fed by troop members (who can get rewards for feeding it).


Battles undertaken with a troop are called raids. Raids entered from your troop hall are called Troop Raids, but other raids, such as in Battle Halls and the Lost Temple, work in much the same way.

Each time you enter a raid you try to do as much damage as you can in the time limit. At the same time, other members of you troop are doing the same thing, and the