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Gaining Experience Through Feeding Monsters

We all gotta eat, and Battle Camp monsters ain’t no different. Feeding monsters that are weak to the strong is the law of the nature, and it’s the key to levelling up your Battle Camp monsters. For each monster they feed on, the feeding monster will gain experience, or exp.

The consumed monster, also known as the feeder, is lost permanently. There is also a cost in stones. Feeding in an inefficient order may see you waste stones or even hard-to-catch monsters. Follow these rules to find out how to feed Battle Camp monsters.

Feeding monsters is also sometimes called fusion, but we will stick to calling it feeding in this guide.

Feeding Monsters: Elements

If you feed a monster with a monster of the same element, the exp gained will have a 30% bonus added. The first rule of feeding is: always feed with a matching element.

Feeding Monsters Efficiently

The cost in stones for each round of feeding monsters is calculated based on the level of the monster that is doing the eating (known as the feeding monster). This means feeding a lot of monsters to one high-level monster will get very expensive.

However, the exp gain is calculated by multiplying the feeder stat of the feeder monster with that monster’s level. If you feed your low level monsters to each other, which will cost much less in stones than feeding them to the high level monster, one of your low level monsters (which should be the one with the highest feeding value) will level up, multiplying the exp it will grant when presented to your high level monster on a platter. And you only have to pay the stone fee for feeding the high-level monster once.

Note that, other than specials, which we will cover below, the Battle Camp monsters with the best feed value are the uncommon monsters usually found in the lost temple.

Feeding Special Monsters

Even using the tips above it still would take many, many max level uncommon feeders to fully level up monsters in the rarer tiers, especially if the rarer monsters are also evolved. That’s why we take advantage of the special tier of Battle Camp monsters.

What’s special about the special monsters? They have a passive ability that multiplies the exp they give when they are used as feeders. That multiplier could be, x2, x3, or to x5 depending on the specific ability. Read our page on special monsters for more information about where to find them, and what their multiplier is, or check out our Battle Camp monster index for a full list.

Combining the tips above, by feeding max level special monsters of the correct element to your best monsters, will maximise your exp gains and your power level. And that’s how to feed Battle Camp monsters.