Evolve Battle Camp Monsters

Evolution is how rangers make their Battle Camp monsters even more powerful and, as a result, discovering how to evolve Battle Camp monsters is an important part of the game.

An evolution will require your Battle Camp monster to be at particular level, and also requires the sacrifice of five “ingredient” monsters, one of which will be a duplicate of the monster you are evolving. If you check the MGMT screen and tap Evolve on one your monsters, you can see what minimum level is needed to evolve that monster, and what ingredient must be found.

However, you usually should not evolve as soon as you can. The perfect time to evolve Battle Camp monsters is when all monsters involved are at their maximum level — in this case, patience is a virtue.

Evolve Battle Camp Monsters That are at Max Level

An evolved Battle Camp monster’s stats are calculated based on the stats of the unevolved monster and all the ingredient monsters used in the evolution. If any monster in the evolution is at max level, the bonus attack it contributes to the evolution is doubled. If an ingredient monster is even one level lower than max, it contributes to the evolution at the normal rate (based on its stats) – this mean a significant reduction in the potential stats of the evolved monster. If all ingredient monsters are at max level, the evolution is called a “perfect evolution”.

The difference in maximum power between a “bare minimum” evolution and a perfect evolution can be massive!

Considering how many stones and monsters it takes to perform an evolution (with or without levelling the ingredient monsters), you certainly want to get the most out of it. Most Battle Camp players consider that a non-perfect evolution just isn’t worth it in the long term. Make sure you wait until the perfect time to evolve Battle Camp monsters.

The only monsters you may want to consider evolving imperfectly are rare monsters that you expect to exchange for monsters of a higher tier later on.

Be aware that when a monster evolves it regresses to level 1, and as such will initially be weaker than before the evolution. Newly evolved Battle Camp monsters take some development before they exceed the power that the unevolved monster they replaced.

Evolved monsters will exceed the power of their max-level unevolved forms at about half of their own maximum level, so be prepared to spend the time and resources getting them there.

Super tier and better monsters may be able to evolve a second time. This works the same as a first evolution, but the special ingredients monsters you need are only found in the Lost Temple Raid Hall.