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Test your skill against Battle Camp Quests

Battle Camp Quests are tasks set for the player by the residents of the world of Battle Camp. They are one of the fastest ways to gain XP for your character. Rangers will come across Event quests, daily goals, troop goals, and story quests, the latter of which are required to open up new locations on the Battle Camp map.

Battle Camp Quests: Story Quests

Your progress into the world of Battle Camp is determined by story quests. These could involve talking to a key character, battling with a given number of Battle Camp monsters, or exploring a Battle Hall to take on a boss.

All rangers begin the game in the camp, and the quest line here follows Penny and Rose advising the player (a new, hopeful ranger) in the ways of Battle Camp. This concludes with a battle against Penny, and victorious players will receive the Penny Badge and access to the next key location: Teepee Hollow.

At the end of the quest line of Teepee Hollow, you will be asked to enter Teepee Hollow’s Battle Hall with a group of troop. Success opens the way to Turtle Falls.

The story quest lines in subsequent locations follow the same pattern: taking on a number of miscellaneous quests, followed by a Battle Hall and a boss encounter, which leads onto the next map location. Rangers will process from Turtle Falls to Spring Clearing, to Rocky Ridge, to Mt. Magma, and finally to Lost Temple, which is the “endgame” location of Battle Camp.

Daily Goals

Daily goals, or daily Battle Camp quests, are available almost from the start of the game to all players, but which quests a player can receive is dependent on how many locations they have reached in the story. Once a player has reached the Lost Temple, all daily quests will be available to them.

There is no requirement to finish daily Battle Camp quests. It’s a good idea to at least start every daily quest, as there is no energy cost for doing so (it simply involves talking to the indicated ranger eg. “Talk to Penny”) but there is still a reward of 10XP.

A ranger should weigh up the energy cost with the rewards to decide whether or not they want to progress further into the quest. Below is a list with a description of all daily quests, to help you decide.