You’ve seen the massive damage delivered by crazy Battle Camp combos during combat but do you know how they work?

The attack (ATK) stat of your Battle Camp monster is the base damage that monster will deal when you match three-symbol Battle Camp combos of that monster’s element. If you have two monsters of that element in your team, they will both do their attack stat in damage for each match you make intensifying the Battle Camp combos.

For instance, a Stormwolf with ATK of 115 will do 115 damage if you match three wind symbols, and there are no other matches on that turn, and there are no modifiers in effect. If additional wind matches are made, the Stormwolf will have his base damage added for each attack.

There are many modifiers that will affect this value: abilities, boosters, events, seasons, and equipment, for examples.

More Matches Mean Battle Camp Combos Multiplier Bonuses

Each new match you make after the first in the same turn increases the multiplier for all your attacks by 20%. If you make Battle Camp combos of five matches (each match being of just three symbols), the attack for each of your Battle Camp monsters goes up by 100%! — the damage you deal is doubled, in other words.

As you are doubling the value of five attacks (because you made five matches), it is easy to see how combos can be devastating. They are the key to winning battles in Battle Camp.

Get Battle Camp combos of 5 to attack all enemies

If a single match is made up of five (or more) symbols, Battle Camp monsters with that element will deal their entire attack to all enemies on the screen. If there are five enemies on the screen, five times as much damage is being dealt in total, across all the monsters on the screen, than if only four of the same symbol had been matched.

This also works when you make two matches of three that share a corner symbol (a total of five symbols in the match, in an L shape).

Matches of five are much harder to get, and when going for them, or setting them up, you will usually have to pass up on bigger combos. For battles with multiple monsters, they are the most effective way to deal big damage. When you get down to one or two monsters, or when fighting a single boss, focusing on bigger Battle Camp combos with smaller matches is usually the best play.