The most important piece in the puzzle of victory in Battle Camp combat is the stats of your monsters. If your monsters don’t have a high enough base attack they won’t leave a dent in the enemy, and they will get more than a dent in return.

So the first questions to ask when aiming to improve the successes of your team in Battle Camp combat are: are my Battle Camp monsters the most powerful Battle Camp monsters I can find? Are they levelled up and evolved? And how can I buff them to get the most out of their stats? Some of the most important buffs are from the passive abilities that are activated by Zodiac signs, so read our page on Zodiacs to find out how to take advantage of them.

Once you’ve done all you can outside of battle, it’s time to take advantage of some Battle Camp combat tricks and tips, so that you can enjoy some well-earned victory fanfares.

If you don’t quite understand how matching in battles words, see our page on Getting Started in Battle Camp.

Battle Camp Combat: Combos

If you make a match of five symbols, that damage will hit all enemies on the screen. However, you will probably have to give up on combos in order to line up five symbols, and usually combos are more useful if dealing damage against a single enemy. See our combo guide for all you need to know about combos.

Targeting Monsters to Hit Elemental Weaknesses

By default, your monster’s attack will target a random enemy monster during Battle Camp combat. If you tap on an opposing monster, however, all your single attacks will be directed at that enemy.

Remember: fire is strong against leaf; leaf is strong against water; water is strong against fire; and wind and rock are strong against each other. Use a strong attack and you will do 30% more damage. If you target a specific enemy when doing a lot of damage of a particular element you can maximise the bonus from elemental weaknesses, and do more damage.

Put Monsters With Good Abilities In Your Team

That little number to the top right of your monster on the battle screen? That’s the number of turns before that monster can use their active ability. Some abilities in Battle Camp combat are offensive, some are defensive, but some are certainly better than others. Berserk and Counter, for example, are questionable abilities, but Lacerate, Venom or Snipe are always useful! An ability with a + (eg. Snipe+) will be a more powerful version of a basic ability.

If you tap on your monster in battle there will be an option to turn off “Autocast”. This means that monster won’t use their active ability as soon as they can — instead, you can choose when to use it. In these cases, double tapping on the monster is a shortcut for them to unleash their active ability.