Getting Started Playing Battle Camp Now

Playing battle camp guide

There is a lot to learn between taking your first steps into playing Battle Camp and becoming a Master Ranger, but we’ll set you on the right track.

Playing Battle Camp: Combat

The monsters in the top area of the screen are your opponents. In the middle of the screen is your own team of friendly Battle Camp monsters, which sit on top of a grid of symbols. When playing Battle Camp, you will use these symbols to power up your monsters in order to attack.

Grab one symbol, and move it anywhere on the board. If you put three identical symbols together in a vertical or horizontal line, you have created a match. When playing Battle Camp, your monsters will attack the hp of the opposing monsters if you make a match using the symbols that represent their element. So your leaf monster, with a green background, will attack if you match three leaf symbols.

As you are playing Battle Camp, drag your symbol around the board, other symbols on the board will swap positions with the symbol you are moving in order to make room for it. Use this displacement of symbols to make as many matches as possible. Making multiple matches in one move is called a combo, and every match you make above the first adds a 20% bonus to your damage for that attack. This is the trick to doing a ton of damage in Battle Camp.

If you make a match with five symbols, monsters of that element will attack all opposing monsters.

Read our combat guide to dig deeper into the combat.

Playing Battle Camp: In Camp

Battle Camp will guide you through the first area of the game, the camp, with a series of quests and tutorials. Follow the instructions of Rose and Penny to get your first rare Battle Camp monster.

This monster will be far more powerful than any of the common monsters you started with — check our Battle Camp monster index to compare their stats. Note that, unlike the common monsters, it has an active and passive ability, and you can find out more about those on our pages for Combat and Zodiac. Rare monsters are also the first tier of monsters than can evolve, so have a look at our page on evolution to get an idea of how that works.

Also, if you’re not sure what to do with the common monster you just switched out of your team, read our feeding guide.

Some of this information is also available if you talk to Penny, the penguin on the stump in the centre of the camp, who has an easy to read book of pictorial tutorials for new players to reference.

Once you get the Penny Badge, a number of locations open up to you. Don’t be overwhelmed. They are mostly locations that in which events will periodically take place, and many of them are probably inactive. The Arena, where you can battle the teams of other players, is always open, though you might want some more practice at the game first.

Feel free to experiment, and, when you are ready, move to the location of the next quest: Teepee Hollow.

The Main Quest Line of Playing Battle Camp

Much like in the camp, Teepee Hollow has a line of quests ending with a boss encounter.

In Teepee Hollow, and all other main locations in Battle Camp, the boss is found in a Battle Hall. These are locations that you tackle with a group or troop. The game can find you a group of other Battle Camp players that are playing at the same time. Each time you attempt the battle, you have 60 seconds to do as much damage as possible. At the same time, other players are doing the same thing, If your group completes the Battle Hall, the next location will be unlocked.

Note that you may still want to return to locations even if you have already finished the Battle Hall, as some Battle Camp monsters can only be found in a certain location.

The final location to be unlocked is The Lost Temple, an “end game” location. This is a troop raid area. It’s difficult, but it’s the only place to get the crystals specials you need to evolve Battle Camp monsters a second time.

Read our quest guide for more information on quests.

Powering Up Your Team

So you’ve tackled the introductory quests, and you’re ready to take your team to the next level — what do you do.

The first thing to do is find more powerful monsters. When you fight a monster, there is a chance they will drop the item you need to add that monster to your team — either an egg (in which case you get the monster immediately) or a puzzle piece.

Monsters come in tiers. The monsters you started with were common monsters, the weakest type in the game. By now you’ve picked up a rare monster, which are the first tier with passive abilities and the ability to evolve, and to start with you will want to get a team full of rare monsters to work with. You will find them as you unlock you locations, but you will have to fight them multiple times before you can use them in a team, as you have to build their egg from multiple puzzle pieces that the rare monsters drop.

But there are even more powerful tiers of Battle Camp monster out there: Super, Ultra, Epic and Legendary, to give them their names. You can find out more about them on our dedicated pages, and compare their stats in our Battle Camp monster list.

Now that you’ve switched out your common monsters, what do you do with them? Your monsters get experience in two ways: they get a little by fighting, but they get a lot by feeding on other monsters. Feed you weaker monsters to your stronger monsters. The weaker monster is consumed permanently, but the feeding monster will get stronger. Monster in the special tier are especially effective food, but read our feeding guide for to make sure you are getting the most out of them and not wasting your monsters or your stones.

You can also evolve monsters. First you will have to catch specific catching “ingredient monsters”, but don’t hurry: the better the ingredient monsters, the better the evolution. Read our evolution guide for a full picture.