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Battle Camp World is the home of all things related to Battle Camp, the mobile game released by WRKSHP in 2013. We provide all players access to extensive information about the game to help them in their quest, including the most comprehensive list of monsters on the web. We’re also the home of the finest Battle Camp community, our forum!

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The elegantly combines Pokemon and Puzzle & Dragons in a multiplayer world. So not only is it an addictive monster raising game combined with an addictive match-three battle system but, it is also a world that feels alive, filled with real players who are catching their own monsters and living out their own stories.

The others players will, like you, be fighting for Ranger Badges, opening the way to exotic new locations, such as Mt. Magma or the mysterious Lost Temple, where they will be hoping to find Rare and Special Battle Camp monsters, or even one that is Epic or Legendary. You will all be taking up the challenge to become a Master Ranger together.

The game is downloadable from the Android Play store and the Apple App Store for the low cost of, well, nothing, it’s free. It is a freemium, or free-to-play, game. As a result, almost everything in the game is available without having to pay but you can get it quicker if you spend real money. Like many other mobile games, Battle Camp has an energy system where you can do a limited number of things each day, but you can pay for more energy (amongst other things) to get more done.

Our Battle Camp monster index is the most comprehensive on the web. This is where you can find every stat for all the available monsters, listed by rarity, hp, level, health, recovery, feed value, element, or location. We can also tell you all you need to know about abilities and quests, too.

You can ask us any questions about the game directly by heading over to our forum. Grill our experts for information, or just visit for a chat about whatever you feel like.

So, Ranger, welcome to Battle Camp World! We think you will enjoy your stay.