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The Easy Way to Obtained Zandium Gear

We all know that every equipment in Axe: Alliance vs Empire has advantages. The levels also vary. Some are easy to get, and some are hard to find. Each class in both factions requires the strongest equipment to win the war which more heats up. They don’t want their honor to be destroyed instantly when they lose on the battlefield. Many gear options can be selected for each class. But there is one type of gear that is very difficult to get. Zandium Equipment is one of gear that is very difficult for you to get. But don’t worry, because we will provide an easy way to get this special equpment.

How to Get Zandium Gear Easily

There are 3 special equipment, namely Zandium, Shiny Rune and Shiny Spiritstone. Zandium gear is one of the special equipment for each class in the Axe world. Zandium gear has a tremendous effect for its users to destroy enemies in an instant. Compared to the gear you are currently using, The strength is not much if you have Zandium Equipment on your class. Therefore, Zandium gear can be your best choice to replace the equipment that you are currently using to fight.

Open The Chest Box in The Shop

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To get Zandium Gear quickly, this is the easiest way to get it. You can buy a 600 diamond box containing 11+ gears. If you are lucky, you will definitely get Zandium Gear. Repeat this step if you haven’t got it.

600 Diamond Box

If you don’t have enough diamonds, you can still get Zandium Equipment by opening a 60 Diamond Box. And just like above, if you are lucky enough, you will definitely get what you want, the Zandium Gear.

60 Diamond Box

Collect Craft Material to Make Zandium Gear

Besides the above method, you can still get Zandium Gear by collecting Craft material to make the Zandium Gear you want. However this is a relatively difficult way. How come, you have to collect Craft Materials to get Zandium gear one by one. First you have to complete the Guild Elimination 2x every day. Take daily rewards and weekly rewards to getting craft material.

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Craft Material Guild Elimination

Furthermore, collect Emerald from the Golden Dragon Battlefield and buy Fancy Inheritance Crafting Chests that costs 120 Emerald.

Fancy Inheritance Crafting Chests

If you still aren’t lucky enough to get Zandium from gear chests, you can divert it to the Fancy Inheritance Crafting Chests 2 that costs 800 blue diamonds to get the craft material.

Fancy Inheritance Crafting Chests 2

Make sure you disassemble the gear that you don’t use to be add to your craft material collection.

Disassemble Mythic Gear

Collect as many Unknown Scriptures as much as possible to get the books volume that match the gear you are using. Repeat this step if you still don’t get a book that matches for your gear.

Craft Unknown Scripture

If your craft material is complete, it’s time to change your normal gear to Zandium Gear. Keep in mind that only the normal mythic gear can be changed to Zandium.

Zandium Crafting Process

And the results as you can see, the craft material has changed your normal gear to the Zandium Gear.

Zandium Bone Armor Gear

Your efforts to get Zandium gear will not be in vain because your class will have tremendous strength. Therefore, do not hesitate to collect craft materials from now on to defeat every enemy. Every Zandium Gear has passive skills that are certainly useful for winning the war. If you are lucky, you will get level 3 passive skills, which means that the skill is the highest passive skill possessed by Zandium gear.

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The Easy Way to Obtained Zandium Gear

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