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How to Save Upgrade Stone to Make Shiny Rune

Neither the Alliance and Empire factions would definitely not want to lose to strengthen their troops. The two factions are competing with each other to develop all their weapons for one purpose, to win the war. Shiny Rune is one of them. This rune has strength above one level from the Normal Rune. How come? Because to get this special rune, you have to get a special crystal to make Shiny Rune. But to get it is not easy, you will need a lot of upgrade stone just to make this special rune. How to save it? Follow our guide below.

Make Shiny Rune Without Using A Lot of Upgrade Stone

Shiny rune is a rune that is difficult to obtain. Shiny runes are also very suitable for undefeatable mage builds and all class in the both factions. This rune has a double bonus effect if you have the same 4 runes in the Zodiac. Many players sacrifice a lot of upgrading stones just to make this special rune. But if they know how, they can save the upgrade stones in their bags.

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Why should it be like that? Because there will be a lot of new Zodiacs that will certainly make you confused if you don’t save this upgrade stone in your bag. Shiny runes will also help the class to quick level up. There’s already 3 Zodiac, what if there are 4 or 5 Zodiacs in the future? You must be confused right? Therefore, don’t rush to make Shiny Rune if you don’t know how to save your Upgrade Stone.

Quick Guide to Save The Upgrade Stone

To start making Shiny Rune, make sure you increase all normal runes to unique grade to max +15 level. Why should it be like that? Because if you upgrade the rune to mythic grade, automatically, the stats in your rune will decrease.

Unique Rune Max Level

After that, look for any runes with the same grade and the same shape, combine that runes to mythic grade.

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Mythic Rune Combine

Furthermore, upgrade your runes on the Zodiac with an upgrade stone.

Upgrade Rune

Uninstall the runes you just upgraded from the Zodiac, and Disassemble both rune to get the Rune Crystal. You will get 10 Crystals from these two runes.

Disassemble Rune

Craft the rune crystal that you just got, don’t forget to choose the same rune type that you removed from the Zodiac. Apply this method to all the runes that you have.

Craft Rune

That’s how to save the upgrades stone to make Shiny Rune. Because if you upgrade all runes with an Upgrade Stone, automatically, you will have trouble making lots of Shiny Rune to be put in your Zodiac slot.

The Shiny Rune Weaknesses

The weakness of Shiny Rune is that you will not get the double stats. Because to make just one Shiny Rune, you have to sacrifice 2 mythic rune to get 1 Shiny rune. Automatically, the second stats from Shiny Rune will not be the same as before. So, don’t expect too much to get Shiny Rune with the same double Stats.

This method requires a lot of gold to save your upgrade stone. Even though you don’t get double stats on Shiny Rune, the overall stats of this rune are bigger than normal runes like Zandium Gear. Let’s hope that Nexon developers give you the reroll stats for Shiny Rune so that you get the same double stats in your Shiny Rune. Happy Gaming.

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