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How to Build Undefeatable Mage (Perfect Guide)

Having a strong magic art is a mage’s special ability assigned by Empire faction in the front row against the Alliance force. But unfortunately, behind their extraordinary strength, their race has a dark history. History records that Mage was shunned and antagonized by the Elves because they have the mysterious and superior strength compared to other race. Therefore, The Empire faction immediately gives mage races a safe place and builds their strength and magic. And the result, the Mage nation became the undefeatable Class in the Empire faction on the battlefield.

Build Your Mage With Powerful Equipment

The Mage class needs powerful equipment to destroy the Alliance forces. Because if the Mage Class does not have powerful equipment. Automatically, your Mage class cannot release her best abilities to win the war. The task of a mage is just focus to destroying enemies in the front row. you need not to fear if the enemy attacks from behind, because a badass warrior will use his power to make the enemy helpless for a few seconds. Use that opportunity to annihilate the enemy with a combination attack.

Choose Incredible Weapon And Necklace

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To build a strong Mage, you must be careful in choosing gear equipment. If you are not careful, automatically, your Mage can’t release her best magic abilities on the battlefield. If it’s already done, surely you are lazy to rebuild from the beginning right? Therefore, to start building your Mage, make sure you look for Snow Blossom Staff to become your Mage’s main weapon. This weapon has an active skill that can increase your skill damage for a few seconds.

Snow Blossom Staff

After that, look for Bone Necklace to increase your Mage’s magic ability so that the enemy doesn’t dare to approach you on the world map. The selection of active and passive skills also affects the mage builds. So choose wisely.

Mage Bone Necklace

Get The Best Armor And Ring

Mage requires armor and ring gear that have the best magic defense. Because if your mage doesn’t have it, surely the Class you have will die easily on the battlefield. Therefore, make sure you look for the 5 parts of Prophet Gear Codex Series to increase your Mage’s magic defense. If you already have the 5 parts of that gear, automatically, your mage will getting the 3 bonus stats from this gear.

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Prophet Gear Codex Series

To further strengthen the Mage magic defense, look for Ice Ring to be your main accessory.

Mage Ice Ring

Pick The Most Powerful Rune

Furthermore, you must be very careful in choosing Mage Rune. Why is that? Because Rune is an important element besides gear to improve Mage magic attacks and defenses. Make sure you are looking for 4 Storm Rune with the double Skill DMG Improvement stats so that the magic power from Mage can easily penetrate the strength of the Alliance Forces defense. put that 4 rune on the mage Zodiac to get a bonus stats.

Mage Storm Runes

After that, look for and get the 3 Barrier Rune with a Double Skill DMG Reduction stats and put them to the rest slots of your Mage Zodiac.

Mage Barrier Rune

To get double stats on both rune, Make sure you look for the both rune from the Rare Grade with the initial stats of the Skill DMG Improvement for Storm Rune and the initial stats of the Skill DMG Reduction for the Barrier Rune. Upgrade to unique grade and increase the level to max +15, and don’t upgrade to mythic grade to get a very powerful Shiny Rune.

Choose the Stronger Spiritstone to Increase Gear Power

Spiritstone is a stone that is useful to increasing the Mage magic power. Therefore, make sure you are looking for the 12 Skill DMG Improvement Spiritstone with double Skill DMG Improvement stats. put this spiritstone in weapon, necklace, ring and your gloves.

Mage Skill DMG Improvement Spiritstone

After that, find and get the 12 Skill DMG Reduction Spiritstone with double Skill DMG Reduction stats and put this rune in the armor gear.

Mage Skill DMG Reduction Spiritstone

Just like the rune, to get the double stats on the both spiritstone, look for the both spiritstone from the Rare Grade with the same initial stats.

Get The Powerful Wing Gear and Wing Spiritstone

If you have got the important material above, it’s time for you to look for Dragon Wings to perfect your mage build. After you get that wing, find and get the 5 DMG Improvement Wing Spiritstone and put it on the wing gear that you just got.

Mage Wing And Spiritstone

To look for above material, it requires patience and struggle indeed. However, if you are able to do so, then your Mage is undefeatable on the battlefield. And you also don’t need to worry if your HP is thinning, because the healing valkyrie will aid and revive your mage on the battlefield. If there are any questions, please leave your comments below. Happy gaming.

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