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How to Build Stronger Archer For Best Support

The Class Archer of the Alliance Faction was an elf who had special power that was able to heal and protect the Titan and Blademaster from the Empire Faction on the battlefield. Aside from having the power to provide support to friends, Archers also have strong attack power. Archers can attack enemies from a distance. This is the advantage of the guardian of the forest that is not owned by Titan and Blademaster. How to build a Archer Class for that role? Please read carefully the guide that we provide specifically for you the Archer players.

Use Strong Weapon And Necklace Accessory

As we have reviewed before, each class has a different build and equipment like the build titan for PVP for example. Since Archer is a support class, a weapon that is very suitable for you to use on the battlefield is the Wind Bow Weapon. Why should this weapon be used? Because this weapon has resurrect attribute skills for your friends who die on the battlefield and have considerable damage to the enemy. Of course this is an advantage for the Alliance Faction in Conflict, Arena and Guild Battle.

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Wind Bow Weapon

If you’ve got it, it’s time for you to look for the Red Flame Necklace to be your best accessory.

Red Flame Necklace

Obtain Best Armor Gear And Ring Accessory For Archer

After you get the Weapon and Necklace, it’s time for you to find the Watcher Gear Codex Series to become the best armor for your Archer. This Gear Armor is able to ward off crit rates from enemies so that the archer class is not easy to defeat. Collect 5 parts from the Watcher Gear Codex Series to get the bonus stats from this set of gear.

Watcher Gear Codex Series

To make your Archers more resilient, find and get the Ring of Fire to strengthen your defense if the Empire Faction attacks your character during Grinding.

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Ring of Fire

Use Right Rune To Increase Attack And Defence

Next you have to find rune to strengthen the archer attack and defense stats. Make sure you look for 4 Destruction Rune with double crit rate stats to become the main rune in the archer Zodiac to get the bonus stats from this rune.

Destruction Rune

After you get that rune, it’s time for you to find 3 Endurance Rune with double crit rate reduction stats. To get double stats on the Destruction Rune and Endurance Rune, find and upgrade the both runes from the rare grade with the initial stats of crit rate for Destruction Rune and initial stats of crit rate reduction for Endurance Rune.

Endurance Rune

To make an archer and blademaster being the ideal partner on the battlefield is not easy. But if you follow this guide, we believe your archer surely be the equivalent with the deathly blademaster build we have reviewed before.

Obtain Strong Spiritstone For Archer

Spiritstone is an inseparable part of each class in the axe world. Therefore, make sure you are looking for 12 Crit Rate Spiritstone with a double crit rate stats to become the main spiritstone in your gear.

Crit Rate Spiritstone

After you get it, it’s time for you to find 12 Crit Rate Reduction Spiritstone with double crit rate reduction stats to become the main spiritstone in your armor gear. Just like the rune, you can get double stats on crit rate and crit rate reduction spiritstone if you upgrade both of them from rare grade.

Crit Rate Reduction Spiritstone

Get Best Wing and Spiritsone to Increase Archer Attack

To complete your archer build, find and get Wings of Darkness to be your mainstay wing. The wing of darkness has crit rate stats which certainly fits perfectly with the material we have reviewed above. After that, make sure you are looking for 5 Wing PVP Damage Improvement Spiritstone to become your mainstay of wing spiritstone.

Wing And Spiritstone

Building an archer class is not easy indeed. But by struggling and hard work surely you will enjoy how strong the archer that you build with love. Surely you are wondering why we did not review this build by including the Pet Guide. The build guide that we reviewed this time is a basic build that we strongly recommend for you before you choose a pet that is suitable for your class. Next time we will provide the best guide for what pet that matches with the character you have. Happy farming.

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