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How to Build Deathly Blademaster (Tips & Tricks)

There is no doubt that Blademaster is a formidable class from the Alliance Faction. Blademaster is a very reliable fighter class compared to Titan and Archer. But if you are choose the wrong equipment, of course your Blademaster is weak and will be burden to the Titan and Archer while fighting against the Empire. And how to make your Blademaster strong and not become a burden during the war? Check out this guide carefully to learn deathly build on the Blademaster that you play as your main character in the Axe world.

Obtain the Right Weapon And Necklace

Blademaster class has the task of focusing on attacking the enemy. Each class from Alliance faction has a different task and build, like the Titan Class which has the task of regulating the rhythm of the team’s attacks. Therefore, if you choose Titan, you have to build stronger Titan for PVP to help Blademaster and Archer face the Empire Faction. Therefore, you must choose the right equipment for you to use to defeat the Empire Faction. If you are just starting to play Axe: Alliance vs Empire, don’t be confused to choosing a server. Whatever server you choose, if your build is good, you can compete with players who already have a large CP. Make sure you look for the Red Flame weapon to become your main Blademaster weapon. This Red Flame Weapon has an buff attribute that can improve Blademaster attacks when you activate it.

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Red flame Weapon

After you get it, look for the Dragonic Necklace to be the right companion to the Red Flame Weapon that you have.

Dragonic Necklace

Obtain The Best Rune For Higher Attack

Runes do have a vital role to increase the Character Attack in the world of AXE. Therefore, to polish your Blademaster, make sure you are looking for 4 Ferocity Runes to get the Set Effect and put this rune in the Zodiac so that your Blademaster attacks are even more deadly. If you have reached 80 level, you need 4 additional Ferocity Runes to be install on the second Zodiac.

4 Ferocity Rune

Do you know that Ferocity Rune can have double Piercing DMG stats? Surely if your 4 Ferocity Rune having a double Piercing DMG stats, your Blademaster attacks will increase significantly. To get the double Piercing DMG stats on this rune, make sure you look for the Rare Grade of Ferocity Rune with the initial stats of the Piercing DMG. Upgrade that rune to the Epic Grade and your Ferocity Rune automatically have a double Piercing DMG stats. You can get Ferocity Rune from Field of Honor, Shop, Invasion, Event and Conflict.

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Double Piercing DMG Stats

Choose the Right Armor Set And Ring Gear

Besides attack, you also have to choose the appropriate armor so that your Blademaster is not easy to defeat. Make sure you choose the Nomad Gear Series to become your BladeMaster’s main armor. Collect 5 parts from the Nomad Gear Series to get bonus stats that can increase your defense.

Nomad Gear Series

To complete the Nomad Gear Series, you must look for Ring of Luck to be the best companion accessory of the armor you are using.

Ring of Luck

Get The Right Rune That Suit With Nomad Gear

After you get the Nomad Gear Series and Ring of Luck, it’s time for you to find 3 Flash Runes to become your main defense rune. Just like Ferocity Rune, you can get double DMG Reduction if you upgrade this rune from rare grades with the initial stats of DMG Reduction.

Flash Rune

Obtain The Best Spiritstone to Increase Attack & Defense

To build a character perfectly, you need 12 Piercing DMG Spiritstone and put this stone in your weapon, necklace, ring and gloves gear. If one of your gears has reached the mythic grade, you need 3 spiritstones to be installed in one gear.

Piercing DMG Spiritstone

After you get the above Spiritstone, it’s time for you to collect 12 DMG Reduction Spiritstone and put this stone in your armor, helmet, bottom and shoes gear. Just like runes, you can get a double Piercing DMG and DMG Reduction stats if you upgrade this spiritstone from rare grades with the initial stats of Piercing DMG and DMG Reduction stats. You need to remember that the skills options and the titles options can affect your Blademaster build.

DMG Reduction Spiritstone

Get the Right Wing To Make Blademaster More Powerful

Actually there is no wing suitable for BladeMaster, because the wing in Axe: Alliance vs Empire there are only 3 choices. And it’s not complete like in the Korean version. Therefore, Wing of Darkness is the best choice to become your main wing for now. This wing almost approaches your Blademaster build because it has Crit Rate and PVP DMG Improvement stats. To get the Wing of Darkness, you can collect craft materials and make these wings, and also you can get them from shops and events.

Wing of Darkness

Choose Strong Wing Spiritstone That Suit to Your Build

Collect 5 PVP DMG Improvement Spiritstone and put these stones in your wing.

Wing PVP DMG Improvement Spiritstone

To get Wing Spiritstone you can get it in the Area Request. Select the menu, then select quest and select Area Request. Choose Spiritstone Special quest. Besides from Area Request, you can get Wing Spiritstone from shops and events reward.

As we mentioned above, Titan, Blademaster and Archer classes have different roles. The role of Archer is focus on protecting, heal and attacking enemies from a distance. So if the Archer is your main character, you have to build stronger Archer for best support. To build a character like the one above does require struggle. Of course, the results make your Blademaster difficult to defeat by the Empire Faction.

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